Unique Skill-Set

My unique skill-set includes lithium-ion battery and ultracapacitor research and development, application engineering, sales, marketing, team building and business management, with complementary graduate education degrees in science and business.

  • Over 30 years in the battery industry; managed team that developed and commercialized the first lithium-ion battery in North America in the early 1990’s.
  • Leading edge of battery and supercapacitor technology resulting in many invitations (keynote and plenary) to speak at major U.S. and international conferences. Over 45 presentations and publications to date.
  • Expert witness in lithium-ion product reliability cases, primarily e-cigarette, implantable medical devices and patent litigation; prepared testing procedures, witnessed and performed inspections of vented devices to determine cause of failure.
  • Conducted lithium-ion battery testing on new applications for original equipment manufacturers and their customers; validated battery performance using performance and abuse tests, and cell autopsies. Determined cause of failure of devices in the field and provided recommendations for product design improvements.
  • Assembled and led research, product development, testing and application engineering organizations.
  • Established international sales and technical marketing teams to sell batteries and supercapacitors worldwide to OEMs and CEMs. Sold direct, using representatives and through distribution.
  • First North American to sell and ship lithium-ion to Motorola, Compaq (now HP), Symbol (portable bar code scanners) and U.S. military battery suppliers.
  • Extensive Asian experience: Subcontracting cell assembly and joint R&D in China; audited and maintained relations with material suppliers and subcontractors throughout Asia. Worked for Mitsui and NEC (owned Moli Energy in 1990’s) with significant travel to Japan, Korea and China.
  • Five patents awarded and a number of applications in progress.
  • Strong presentation; reporting; organization (personal and team); and training skills.